POMPOM POM POM Magazine Buch Issue 47

POM POM Magazine


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Die Ausgabe 47 ist die Herbst/Winterausgabe 2023 und beinhaltet verschiedene Designs zum Thema "Monochrome"

Das Heft ist in englischer Sprache

Auszug aus der Originalbeschreibung:
Pom Pom has always been a celebration of colour in knit and crochet form and this issue is no different. We love colour so much that often we try and get as much of it into each piece as we can, but for this monochrome-themed issue we wanted to see what could be done with fabrics that used more subtle tonal differences within a single hue, or closely related ones.

In this issue, our designers played with depth, saturation, and brightness; maximum impact with minimum contrast.