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Crochet Crush
37,00 EUR
Timeless fashion and modern practicality are the starting points for Molla Mills' Crochet Crush. The 23 crochet patterns include both home decor and accessories, making everyday aesthetics accessible to everyone. The designs have been inspired by the colours of flowers, the moods of past summers, as well as Brooklyn's neighbourhoods.

Crochet's compact and sturdy fabric is best suited for wear-intensive things such as carpets and bags. This book is a collection, so you can combine patterns and vary the colours to your liking.

Instead of ready-to-buy, Molla encourages her readers to make their own pieces with quality materials and enjoy the slow process. The mind calms down as soon as the first chain loop is crocheted.

Molla Mills (born 1979) is an internationally known Finnish designer who learned how to crochet from her mother as a little girl in Kurikka, Finland. She has studied fashion, marketing and art and has written several crochet books that have been published for instance in Brazil and in South Korea. Molla also designs pattern collections for different yarn brands and travels around the world teaching crochet workshops.

224 pages
23 crochet patterns
Language: English
Weight: Approx. 1.1 kg / 2.4 lb
Dimensions: 210 x 270 x 23 mm
ISBN: 978-952-7468-06-7
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Hiberknitting 2
24,00 EUR
Winter welcomes cozy dark days when the temperature drops and the light fades away. these deep winter months invite hours of Hiberknitting with a hot drink and colourful sweaters and blankets to stay warm.

Hiberknitting Volume 2 from Stephen West is a collection of seven new patterns for DK and Worsted weight yarn. Two shawls - the designs for Stephen's 2021 Hiberknitalong KAL, along with two hats, a sweater, a cowl, and a blanket make up this cozy collection.

West has again collaborated with German visual artist Stefan Gunnesch to reimagine the knitwear of Hiberknitting in mixed-media collage, opening the book with a gallery of multi-dimensional images that give Westknits fans a peep into Stephen's knitted fantasy.

Size: A5 (5.8 x 8.3” / 148 x 210 mm), 94 pages
Format: softcover book
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Interpretations Vol. 8
23,00 EUR
Welcome Interpretations Volume 8! This series follows the journey of two friends from opposite sides of the world combining their love of their countries (Argentina and Finland) and beautiful knitwear. 

This latest offering of designs from Joji Locatelli and Veera Välimäki reflects their heartfelt approach to knitting that prioritises comfort and pleasurable making without sacrificing elegance. Look to Interpretations for wardrobe classics you’ll love to knit, right to the last stitch! 

Laine Magazine
25,00 EUR
In this issue, Laine showcases gender-neutral designs that work as the foundation for any wardrobe. The 11 designs featured in the winter collection are classic and long-lasting; ones that could be borrowed from your spouse’s, friend’s or parent’s closet.

Laine 13, Usnea, includes:
148 pages
10 knitting patterns & 1 crochet pattern, beautifully photographed and illustrated
an interview with Danish knitwear designer Lærke Bagger
an article about June Cashmere
an article about ChiaoGoo
an article about the importance of crafting and creativity by our regular writer Päivi Kankaro
seasonal recipes
book reviews
Laine Favourites section.

Designers featured in this issue: Susan Chin, Susan Crawford, Sidsel Grau Petersen, Midori Hirose, Susanna Kaartinen, Inyoung Kim, Hanna Maciejewska, Mariya Matveeva, Paula Pereira, Maiju Räsänen and Griselda Zárate.

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Le Lambswool
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Merino light
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Silk Mohair
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Westknits Bestknits 1
30,00 EUR
The first Westknit Bestknits is a collection of 13 popular knitting designs by Stephen West filled with inspiring photos. Includes lots of favorites!


Exploration Station - Dotted Rays - The Doodler - Vertices Unite - Striped Bolting - Starburst - Color Craving - Askews Me Shawl - Knit 'n Slide - Garter Breeze - Boardwalk - Holey Chevrons - Briochevron Wrap
Westknits Bestknits 2
35,00 EUR
In this book Stephen explores sweater design in a way only he can, with a creative and fresh look. This book is not only a delight to knit, it is also filled with gorgeous pictures and a treat for the eye! 172 pages full of inspiration and colour.

Designs include:
Amazing Technicolor Dream Sweater, Enchanted Mesa, Kangarullover, Kangarorts, Marled Magic Sweater, Parachutey, Penguono, Askews Me Sweater & Dress, Askews Me Dickey & Poncho, Watch Your Back
Zauberball Staerke 6
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