52 weeks of Accessoires
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52 Weeks of Accessories

This colourful and versatile book contains patterns for 52 inspirational accessories — mostly knits but also a few crochet pieces - created by 48 international designers. It is the perfect companion for those who love knitting hats, shawls, socks and mittens, but it also includes other fun projects such as cowls, hoods, headbands and bags.

The designs in 52 Weeks of Accessories are suitable for a range of knitting abilities and needs, and feature an array of techniques including cables and colourwork as well as simpler stitches. Thanks to their small size, accessories are quick and economical to make. They offer an excellent way to try out new things and play with yarn!

52 Weeks of Accessories is the latest addition to Laine Publishing’s popular 52 Weeks book series, which already includes volumes focused on socks, shawls and easy knits.

The patterns are created by the following designers: Jenny Ansah, Paulina Castell Gutiérrez, Susan Chin, Elena Dimchevska, Nele Druyts, Anna Eklund, Jaana Etula, Belén Fernández, Lindsey Fowler, Lily Kate France, Soraya García, Izabela Grzybek, Émilie Hallet, Jonna Helin, Karen S. Henderson, Rastus Hsu, Tiina Huhtaniemi, Anna Husemann, Joona Höri, Nabita Jouret, Pauliina Kuunsola, Kaori Katsurada, Keiko Kikuno, Thien-Kieu Lam, Lisa Lang & Isabella Heinz, Sarah-Ann Larouche, Sarianna Lehtonen, Eli Leistad, Pauliina Leisti, Faïza Mebazaa, Maral Mokri, Heli Rajavaara, Marie Régnier, Marina Skua, Jeanette Sloan, Lis Smith, Elena Solier Jansà, Susanne Sommer, Florence Spurling, Jill Tamminen, Thea Vesterby, Maaike van Geijn, Anke von Ahrentschildt, Kajsa Vuorela, Julia Wilkens, Martha Wissing and Veera Välimäki.

272 pages
52 patterns for accessories (50 knitting patterns and 2 crochet patterns: 9 beanies, 2 headbands, 12 shawls and scarves, 3 cowls, 2 collars, 3 hoods, 1 balaclava, 6 mittens, 2 fingerless mitts, 6 socks, 1 pair of slippers, 3 bags, 1 scrunchie, 1 jewelry)
Patterns for hats, mittens and socks come in several sizes
Hardback, woven book cover
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Language: English
Weight: Approx. 1200 g / 2.7 lb
Dimensions: 215 x 276 x 29 mm
Alpaca 1
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Jensen Yarn
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Lakeside Stitches, Gentle Knits from the North
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Ronja Hakalehto is a Finnish knit wear designer -  LAKESIDE STITCHES is her first book.

Lakeside Stitches – Knits from the North invites readers to savour the beauty of everyday surrounded by a serene Nordic landscape.
These timeless knits are sure to keep both younger and older wearers warm and cosy throughout the seasons. With clear and inspiring instructions catering for beginners and seasoned knitters alike, the book becomes a cherished lifelong companion. Enchanting imagery guides readers to the shoreline and through lush forests, weaving a captivating ambience.

Ronja Hakalehto, a knitwear designer from northern Finland, creates patterns for both domestic and international knitting publications. She is renowned for her distinctive style blending earthy tones and organic forms. Her designs seamlessly combine contemporary elements with a nostalgic touch.
Le Lambswool
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Biches et Buches
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Merino Singles
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Mota Marled
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Pin-up Tote
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