Yarn over Berlin - exklusive Garne aus aller Welt - für Berlin und den Rest der Welt.Yarn over Berlin - exklusive Garne aus aller Welt - für Berlin und den Rest der Welt.


BA Bag

BA Bag

119,00 EUR inkl. 16% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten

The BA Bag is a collaboration with Colombas, a small company specializing in women's comfortable clothes and accessories.
Our bags are fully sourced and produced locally using Argentine leather. They are sewn in a small women-run workshop in Buenos Aires with extreme love and care, therefore the batches are small.
With its clever design, you can use the strap over your wrist to carry it, or you can attach the handle on the bag for a sleeker look.
Approx. Measurements: Height 23.5cm / 9 1/4"; Width 26cm / 10 1/4"; Base 9.5cm / 3 3/4"
Exterior: Argentine genuine suede.
Handle and tag: Argentine vachetta leather.
Inside: Lined using a sturdy cotton-polyester panama fabric. It has a small unzipped pocket and a clasp to hold your keys, markers, etc...Care: The luxurious suede used for the body is not water resistant. We love to use a suede brush to keep our bags clean. The vachetta leather used for the handle and tag is designed to age and acquire your personal patina. The more you use it, the better it will look, and no two bags will age the same.

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EZE tote

EZE tote

0,00 EUR inkl. 16% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten

Our convertible totes are spacious enough for a sweater project (about 6 skeins fit very comfortably with room for your personal items).
They are fully made of Argentine leather (suede and vachetta for the straps).
They are fully lined in Panama fabric, with a flat pocket + a zippered pocket and a clasp inside.
The design is as minimal as we could make it: just a beautiful leather tote/project bag with a removable strap that you can use to carry as a messenger bag or a backpack.
But the construction is super sturdy, with cemented and thick seams, so you can carry a 13" laptop, camera, phone, wallet and WIP inside.

Approx. Measurements: Height 34cm / 13"; Width 34cm / 13"; Base 11.5cm / 4 1/2"
Exterior: Genuine suede.
Handle and tag: Vegetable tanned leather.
Inside: Lined using a sturdy cotton-polyester panama fabric. It has a flat pocket and a zippered pocket for your valuable items.

Iincluded with the bag: A sturdy Joji & Co drawstring canvas bag, with leather tag and cotton cord. It is used as packaging container, but its purpose is to work as your removable project bag if you want to use the leather bag just as a purse, or if you want to swap out WIPs.

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FIX Needle Wallet

FIX Needle Wallet

149,00 EUR inkl. 16% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten

This is our gorgeous FIX needle wallet, for fixed circular needles.
The most elegant and compact case we could come up with.

All our products have something in common for us: they look stylish, they last years and years... and also, it’s imperative for us that they are compact, sleek. That they take minimal space while giving you ultimate utility.

Our FIX NEEDLE WALLET is 100% genuine leather in all its layers (no cheaper materials inside) which will help protect all your needles forever.
It features 8 slots with a snap closure to keep the cables in place (swipe to see how I use it). At least 2 needles can fit inside each slot. That’s 16 needles, more than you’ll ever need to carry on a trip.

We added a flat pocket on each side to store needle gauges, scissors or other extra cables.
The wallet is closed with a zipper around it which will help prevent any cables sticking out if you just throw your needle inside in a hurry.
We use a super gorgeous soft leather and we made it in 4 colors: tan, red, mustard and black.
As always: HAND-MADE in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with 100% locally sourced materials.

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99,00 EUR inkl. 16% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten

A lot of our knitters, friends and customers asked for a NO-LEATHER version of Joji & Co. products, and we are happy to deliver.
This is a large project bag (sweater sized) with a handle with similar features as those of our BA bag: You position it to wear the handle to knit or crochet as you go, or you can reposition it and attach it to the main body of the bag for a sleeker look.
We decided to give this bag a minimalist and monochromatic look, so the handle's color matches the color of the bag.
The exterior is made of sturdy canvas, coated on the inside to make it stain-resistant and slightly water resistant too. The bags are fully lined with sturdy Panama fabric.
They feature two pockets on the inside: a large patch pocket and a smaller zippered pocket with a clasp where you can attach your keys or stitch markers.
All our materials (cotton, metallic buttons and tag) are locally sourced and our bags are hand-made in the same way as we treat all of our leather products: with cemented and reinforced seams. It is a REALLY sturdy project bag, designed to also last for ages.

Approx. Measurements: Height 28cm / 11 1/4"; Width 34cm / 13 1/2"; Base 12cm / 4 3/4"
Exterior: 12 oz. coated canvas.
Handle and tag: Cotton webbing.
Inside: Lined using a sturdy cotton-polyester panama fabric. It has a larger unzipped pocket, a smaller zippered pocket and a clasp to hold your keys, markers, etc...

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0,00 EUR inkl. 16% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten

Elegant and classic, this piece will last for years and years... We think we've found the perfect pairing between design and material!
The PAMPA Bucket is the perfect mix of utilitarian/decor and it is also perfect to experiment with all kinds of leftover leather that we have left in our workshops... But this style is repeatable and we are pleased to offer it in an initial palette of four colors.
This leather we use for Pampa is sturdy enough to make your Pampa stand up straight even when empty.

All our leather and other materials are sourced in Buenos Aires, and all our buckets are hand-sewn with extreme love and care.
They are unlined, with a single layer of leather. The bottom of the bucket has a seam reinforced with leather piping that helps it sit nicely on the ground.

Approx. Measurements:Height 23cm / 9 1/4"; Base Diameter 20cm / 8"
Exterior: Hammered leather.
Handle and tag: Vachetta leather.
It is not lined and doesn't have any pockets.

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USH Weekender

USH Weekender

0,00 EUR inkl. 16% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten

For many years I’ve attended knitting events where I have carried multiple bags all around.
You start with a small backpack for a couple of your knitted samples, but then you add your WIP, some spare yarn just in case, and you end up shopping for more yarn, swapping gifts with friends...
Before I knew it I was always carrying totes of all colors, often leaving one of them behind.
I wanted to design a super luxe bag especially for those of us who enjoy going away with friends for a weekend, a bag where we can carry all our knitting supplies we might need, and all those we won’t need too!

USH is our dreamed retreat bag.
The USH weekender is also convertible and can be worn as a backpack.

Approx. Dimensions: Length 67cm / 26 3/4"; Width 54 cm / 21 1/2"; Base 18 cm / 7 1/4".
The exterior is fully made of 100% genuine leather.
Top section: suede. Bottom section: hard-wearing hammered leather.
To keep the design minimal, it has no pockets on the outside.
Fully lined in Panama fabric. It features a flat pocket with a clasp and a zippered pocket big enough for all your essentials on the inside.
Packed inside a sturdy DAILY bag with leather tag.

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