XL Pampa Bucket
199,00 EUR
Brown Die EXTRA GROSSE Version der beliebten Pampa buckets ...

Ungefähre Maße: Höhe: 35 cm, Durchmesser am Boden: 30 cm
Aus argentinischem langlebigen Leder - handgefertigt
Nicht gefüttert und ohne Taschen

Auszug aus der original Beschreibung:
Elegant and classic, this piece will last for years and years ... the perfect pairing between design and material!
The PAMPA Bucket is the perfect mix of utilitarian/decor and it is also perfect to experiment with all kinds of leftover leather that we have left in our workshops... But this style is repeatable and we are pleased to offer it in an initial palette of four colors.
This leather we use for Pampa is sturdy enough to make your Pampa stand up straight even when empty.

All our leather and other materials are sourced in Buenos Aires, and all our buckets are hand-sewn with extreme love and care.
They are unlined, with a single layer of leather. The bottom of the bucket has a seam reinforced with leather piping that helps it sit nicely on the ground.
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